The RHS Came to Visit!

On Tuesday a lady called Lucy from the Royal Horticultural Society came to work with our class. We had lots of fun learning about all sorts of different plants. Can you remember the four activities you did in the classroom? We spent the afternoon outside at our allotment. What did you do there? Write a few sentences about what you did and what you enjoyed.

21 comments April 25, 2013

Strange Objects Left on the School Field!

What Happened Here? on PhotoPeach

2 comments April 21, 2013

Tim is getting impatient!

Do you remember the letter Tim wrote to Jack? He would like a reply! We are going to pretend to be Jack and write to him, telling him about the adventure we have had.I’ll be publishing some of your letters on the blog. Watch this space!

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Plants Glorious Plants!

A lady from RHS is coming to work with our class. We are going to be looking at the different parts of a plant. What job does each part of a plant have? If you have any ideas share them here!

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The Tiger That Came to Tea

For your homework this week, we would like you to imagine that a tiger is coming to tea, or a leopard is coming to lunch. You could even have a baboon coming to breakfast! Can you find five foods in your house that you would feed to your guest. Can you write a list of these foods in order from the heaviest to the lightest? Why not estimate first and then check to see if you were correct!

19 comments January 30, 2013

Shape homework

For homework this week, I would like you to describe a household object which is of a particular shape. Initially, describe it in terms of it’s properties before you describe what it may be used for. Remember to include all the mathematical vocabulary we have been using in class to describe shapes. For example can you guess these items………

I can be a circle, square or rectangle. If square, I have 4 sides all the same length and 4 corners. I am a 2d object. You look in me to do your hair. What am I?

I am a 3d object. I have 2 flat circular faces and one curved face. I have 2 curved edges and no vertex or corners. I can have baked beans inside me. What am I?

I am a 3d object. I have one round flat face and one curved face. I have one vertex. I am best when I have a blob of ice cream placed on top of me. What am I?

23 comments January 9, 2013


This week in our PSCHE lesson we learnt about dangers in the home. For homework this week I would like children to find one potential danger in their home (wires, hot taps etc) and write about it on the blog.

29 comments November 22, 2012

Where is the Gingerbread Man?

The Gingerbread Man has run away!!! Why do you think he has run away? Where do you think he has gone? What do you think he is doing? Write your answers in sentences and remember your targets. We’ll look at your ideas in class.

24 comments October 14, 2012

Our writing targets

This week in literacy we have all been thinking about our personal writing targets – those features of our writing that we have to work very hard at and ensure are there everytime we write. Parents and carers, you will be informed of your child’s targets at next weeks consultations.

For homework this week, Mrs Williams and I have written three things about ourselves but only two of them are true. Can you find the fib and then write two true facts about yourself and one fib for us to find!


Miss Hindson says

“I have a cat called Bert”

“I live in an apartment in the Betham Tower”

“I was once on the front cover of a magazine”.


Mrs Williams says

“I once had a tortoise called John Wesley”

“I once sang at in Saltzberg Cathederal”

“I drive a Beetle car called “Bertha”.

27 comments September 25, 2012

Our first experiences of Year 1!

I don’t know about you but I have had a great time so far in Year 1! I think my favourite activity so far has been writing the holiday postcards with you. I was so very impresssed with your writing and the display we have made from them looks great. I would like to know what has been your favoutite Year 1 experience so far. Was it making Billy’s bucket? Has it been exploring our new areas of learning? Perhaps it was musical maths with Mrs Williams? You could even blog and tell me something you are looking forward to instead. I look forward to reading your comments.

18 comments September 12, 2012

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